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Elephant gifts for women

Are elephant figurines good luck?

There are a few beliefs around elephants and good luck:

  • In some Asian cultures, elephants are seen as symbols of wisdom, strength and good fortune. It's believed that figurines and statues of elephants, often depicted with their trunks raised upwards, can bring good luck. The raised trunk is said to symbolise blessings pouring down.
  • In the Hindu religion, the god Ganesha has an elephant head. Ganesha is associated with removing obstacles, success, and bringing prosperity and good luck. Elephant figurines, especially related to Ganesha, are thought to activate these qualities in one's life.
  • Feng shui practitioners sometimes recommend placing elephant statues facing the main door to attract fortunate energies and opportunities into homes and businesses. The elephant's strength and protective qualities are believed to guard against negative influences.

So while elephant motifs don't automatically guarantee good luck, they do have symbolic meanings and spiritual associations with good fortune in some cultures and belief systems.

Many people believe displaying elephant statues and figures can activate and usher in luck and positive energies. But of course, whether they really have a magical effect is up to personal belief and interpretation.

What does it mean to be gifted an elephant?

Being gifted an elephant figurine or statue often carries some symbolic meaning:

  1. Wisdom and Strength - As mentioned, elephants represent wisdom, memory, intelligence, and strength in many cultures. Gifting an elephant can signify wishing the recipient greater insight and mental abilities or the fortitude and resilience to withstand life's challenges.
  2. Removing Obstacles - Since Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, a gifted elephant connected to Ganesha hopes to clear hurdles and difficulties from the recipient's path to success. It conveys wishing them smooth sailing towards their goals.
  3. Good Fortune - As a luck symbol, a gifted elephant signals wishing the receiver good luck, fortune, prosperity and new opportunities headed their way. It invokes blessings and beneficial energies into their life.
  4. Protection - With their size and close-knit family bonds, elephants also symbolise safety, security and protecting loved ones from harm or negative influences. An elephant gift offers protective vibes.
  5. Remembrance - As creatures reputed to "never forget", elephants represent memory and remembrance. An elephant gift reinforces not forgetting close relationships despite time or distance separating.

So in short, a gifted elephant carries undertones of wisdom, strength, prosperity, protection and meaningful connections for the recipient to embrace. It's often given out of love and deepest hopes for someone's wellbeing.

What does the elephant mean to a woman?

For many women, the elephant holds deep symbolic meaning:

  1. Wisdom & Discernment - The elephant is seen to represent ancient wisdom, intuition, and discernment - qualities traditionally associated with the feminine. Elephant imagery reminds women to tap into their inner truth and voice.
  2. Protection & Caregiving - With their strong family bonds and mothering instincts, female elephants safeguard calves and community members needing care or defense. This connects them to women's protective and caregiving capacities - whether for children, partners, or community.
  3. Memory & Bonds - As creatures of memory and social connection, elephants reflect a woman's ability to hold space for relational memory - understanding past lineage and foremothers who shape identity. Elephants strengthen a sense of female bonds across generations.
  4. Ganesha & Shakti - In Hinduism, the elephant god Ganesha's mother is the great goddess Shakti, representing the divine feminine power behind all creation, cycles and forms. This pairing links the groundedness and strength of elephants to women's creative potency.
  5. Confidence In Size - A woman may find confidence and self-acceptance in the elephant's large size - representing making space unapologetically rather than shrinking oneself down. The elephant reflects inner poise and outer presence.

So with attributes of wisdom, protection, memory, creative power and confident presence, the elephant holds deep resonance as a totem of feminine energy. Many women identify with elephants as representing their own soulful qualities and instincts.