Collection: New job gifts

Congratulations on the new job! Celebrate this momentous occasion with our handpicked collection of gifts specially curated to inspire, motivate, and help you thrive in your new role.

Gifts for new job

Our collection includes must-have essentials like a sleek professional planner to keep your days organised and on track. Jot down brilliant ideas and make a lasting impression with a high-quality notebook and a stylish pen that screams sophistication. 

Our collection contains the best gifts for someone starting a new job.

Whether it's conquering challenges or embracing new opportunities, our thoughtfully curated gifts for new jobs will be your companions on this exciting journey. Welcome to the next chapter of your career with a boost of inspiration from our 'new job gifts' collection!

New Job Gift Ideas

What is a good gift for a new job?

Here are some good gift ideas for someone starting a new job:

  • A nice pen - A quality pen can be a useful and thoughtful gift for signing documents, taking notes, etc. Choose something sleek and professional like a Cross pen.
  • A leather desk accessory set - This could include a leather desk pad, notebook, business card holder, etc. It can help them organise their new work space in style.
  • A stylish bag or briefcase - Consider a nice laptop bag, messenger bag, purse, or briefcase to hold their work items in transit. Make sure it fits with their style and needs.
  • A mug - A unique coffee mug allows them to enjoy their beverage of choice while getting settled into their new role. You can pick something fun or monogrammed.
  • A planner or scheduler - Staying organised is key when starting a new position. A planner, calendar, or scheduler makes a practical gift.
  • Office accessories - Small add-ons like a mousepad, desk organiser, notepad stand, or charging station can be handy.
  • A gift card - If you're unsure of their exact needs, a gift card to a major retailer allows them to pick up some items later. Popular options are Amazon, Target, Staples, etc.

The most important thing is to choose a thoughtful gift that shows your support during this exciting career transition!

What do I get my girlfriend for a new job?

Here are some great gift ideas for your girlfriend starting a new job:

  • A nice work tote or bag - Look for one that's stylish yet professional, like a leather tote or laptop bag. Consider monogramming her initials.
  • A planner or organiser - Help keep her schedule and tasks on track with a daily, weekly or monthly planner. Choose something tailored to her style.
  • Tech accessories - Things like wireless headphones, portable charger, tablet stand or laptop sleeve can make work life easier.
  • A gift card to a spa - Give her something to look forward to like a massage or facial to help decompress from the new job.
  • A candle or diffuser - Scented candles or essential oil diffusers help create a calming work space. Pick her favourite scents.
  • Inspiring desk accessories - A vase, framed quote, desk caddy, or motivational bookends are nice touches.
  • A congratulatory flower delivery - Send a bouquet to her office or home as a sweet surprise. Or a selection of soap flowers a beautiful alternative.
  • A thoughtful note - Handwrite a card sharing how proud you are and wishing her luck.

The key is picking useful items she'll really appreciate and letting her know how excited you are for her new chapter. A heartfelt gesture goes a long way!

What should I gift my boyfriend on his new job?

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to congratulate your boyfriend on his new job:

  • A nice briefcase or leather messenger bag if he needs one for work. Opt for something stylish and professional.
  • A mug or travel tumbler with his initials or work title engraved, to hold his morning coffee or tea.
  • Customised cufflinks with his initials or company logo to dress up his work wardrobe.
  • A leather journal or notebook for jotting down notes and ideas. Consider embossing his name on it.
  • A tablet or e-reader if he has a commute and likes to read. Load some of his favourite books on it in advance.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones to block out distractions and help him focus at his desk.
  • A personalised name plate or desk sign for his new work space.
  • A stylish watch to complement his business attire. An engraving on the back adds a nice touch.
  • Gift cards for meals, gas or other practical needs during his first weeks on the new job.
  • A bottle of nice wine or scotch to unwind after a long day.
  • A handwritten note or card congratulating him and sharing how proud you are!

The key is picking useful items in his style that support his new professional role. Personal and thoughtful touches make your gift extra special.

How do you celebrate a new job?

Here are some great ways to celebrate starting a new job:

  • Have a special dinner - Go out to a nice restaurant with loved ones to toast the new job. Make reservations at their favourite place.
  • Throw a party - Invite friends and family over for food, drinks and music to celebrate the occasion together.
  • Enjoy a night out - See a show, concert, comedy club or sporting event. It's a fun way to mark the milestone.
  • Plan a weekend getaway - Book a small trip or staycation to unwind and commemorate the new chapter.
  • Treat yourself - Buy yourself something special like a new work outfit, briefcase or pair of shoes.
  • Reset your work space - Get organised and create an inspiring, productive area to start fresh.
  • Set new goals - Outline your aspirations in the new role and make a vision board.
  • Start a journal - Document this new part of your career journey.
  • Send announcement cards - Mail notes to share the good news with your network.
  • Post on social media - Announce the milestone to your community online.

The main idea is to relish the achievement with experiences and rituals that feel celebratory to you. Commemorating the moment creates positive energy heading into your new job.