Collection: Christmas home decor

Get your home holiday ready with our festive collection of Christmas decorations. Deck the walls with wreaths and garlands accented with ornament hooks for hanging stockings by the fireplace.

Adorn the tables with runners, candles, and dishes for Christmas cookies. Fill the rooms with the inviting scents of pine and spice emanating from our holiday oil burners.

Bake yuletide treats in our charming gingerbread aprons and serve holiday cocoa in our Santa Claus mugs.

From nativity figurines that will look beautiful on display to doormats welcoming guests, our Christmas home decor has everything you need to capture the merry and bright spirit of the season.

Christmas Decorations

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Here are some tips for decorating a lovely Christmas tree:

  • Start with the basics. Put up the artificial tree or set up a live Christmas tree in a sturdy stand on a level surface.
  • Fluff and shape the branches to fill it out.
  • String fairy lights around the tree before adding any decoration - white or multicolour LED lights work well to illuminate decorations.
  • Choose a theme or colour scheme, or opt for eclectic, sentimental baubles. Mix round baubles with fun shapes like snowflakes, icicles, pine cones or bows.
  • Incorporate ribbon garland and tinsel for extra sparkle. Hang special decorations like family heirlooms and kids' homemade bits near the bottom where they can be appreciated.
  • Top off your freshly decorated tree with a tree topper that coordinates - maybe a star, angel, snowflake wreath, or bow.

Stand back and enjoy the festive finished Christmas tree!

When do Christmas decorations come down?

In Britain, Christmas decorations traditionally stay up through the 12 days of Christmas, coming down on Twelfth Night (January 5th).

However, many people take decorations down earlier, typically any time from New Year's Day to January 6th once the festive season winds down. Schools and workplaces tend to take trees and decorations down closer to January 1st.

There's an old English superstition that leaving decorations up past Twelfth Night is unlucky and leaves you vulnerable to evil spirits. But modern practice is mixed - some stick firmly to the January 5th rule while others feel the close of the holiday is more flexible. Regardless of exact timing, the consensus is Christmas decor should be safely stored away for the year by January 6th.

So while personal preference dictates timing, common practice is taking the baubles and fairy lights down anywhere from New Year's to Twelfth Night.

Enjoy the festivities through early January before wrapping the tree in gauzy netting and carefully packing ornaments away in organised boxes, ready to spark joy again next Christmas!

How to make paper Christmas decorations?

Here are some ideas for making festive paper Christmas decorations:

  • Snowflakes - Fold white or metallic paper into snowflake shapes, cut out intricate designs along the folds and edges. String them together to make garlands or hang individually on your Christmas tree.
  • Christmas Trees - Cut small triangles out of coloured construction paper and glue onto larger triangles staggered into the shape of a miniature tree. Fold a paper trunk and glue on too.
  • Paper Chains - Loop strips of coloured paper, overlapping and gluing the ends together to create colourful paper chains that can drape across mantelpieces or window frames.
  • Baubles - Cut circles out of cardstock, decorate with glitter, sequins, raffia, or punches of shapes then finish with ribbon hangers.
  • Advent Calendar - Create a decorative countdown by making envelopes out of patterned paper to put tiny treats or notes in. String them on a garland to open daily.
  • Gifts - Use decorative scrapbook paper to make little gift box shapes. Fold into cubes and top with bows.

The options are endless for handmade paper Christmas decorations! Craft punches, decoupage, origami and paper weaving offer even more ideas for DIY holiday embellishments to personalise your decor.