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The popular fantasy art of Anne Stokes features striking designs and lifelike portrayals of fantasy subjects. Her art covers a broad range of subjects from the romantic and magical enchanted forests, to the dark underworld of gothic vampires.

Anne Stokes' popular fantasy artworks and subjects:

Enchanted Forests

Many of Anne Stokes' paintings feature fairytale-like forests inhabited by fairies, unicorns, elves, and other mystical creatures. The forests have an otherworldly beauty, with ancient trees, magical lighting, and detailed botanical elements. There is a sense of wonder and discovery in these enchanted woodland scenes. Stokes captures the romanticism and magic of these serene natural settings with elegance and imagination.

Gothic Vampires

In contrast to the light forests, Stokes also explores the darker gothic realm of vampires, often situated in gloomy catacombs, castles, and cemeteries. Pale vampires with intense haunting eyes are recurring subjects. Unlike the sparkly modern vampire archetype, these are savage and brooding monsters. Stokes vividly captures the sinister allure and horror of these undead blood-drinking creatures stalking their prey in moody gothic environments.


Dragons are another frequent subject in Stokes' work. She depicts them with beautifully detailed scales and wings, conjuring their awe-inspiring power and ferocity. Her dragons have an ancient, mythic quality to them, as both terrifying beasts and noble creatures. Stokes captures them in scenes ranging from tender with dragon young to vicious in battle. Her technical skill brings these legendary monsters to life.

Female Empowerment

The women in Stokes' paintings are regal, strong, and mysterious. They often wield magical powers or have fantastical abilities. Stokes aims to portray female beauty and strength without objectification. Her Gothic women own their sexuality and power. Whether citizen, queen, or vampire, the women dominate these fantasies.

Technical Virtuosity

From intricate fabrics to luminous skin and hair, Stokes' paintings demonstrate outstanding technical artistry and attention to detail. The scenarios feel alive and believable thanks to her mastery of color, light, anatomy, and more. She builds lifelike textures stroke by masterful stroke. This virtuosity makes the fantastical feel real and tangible.

Anne Stokes Collection

Who is Anne Stokes?

Anne Stokes is a contemporary British artist known for her fantasy and gothic style art. Some key facts about Anne Stokes:

  • She was born in 1972 in Penarth, Wales. Her full name is Anne Lauren Stokes.
  • She studied art at the University of Brighton and began working as a freelance illustrator after graduating in the early 1990s.
  • She is best known for her fantasy artwork featuring dark, Gothic themes and subjects like dragons, fairies, vampires, and mythological creatures. Her style blends realism with fantasy elements.
  • Some of her popular works include the Dragonkin series, the Half Lives series, and the Farinehein series of artworks. She also illustrated cards and books.
  • Her art has been described as dark romantic fantasy with influences from the pre-Raphaelites. She helped pioneer the gothic fantasy art genre.
  • She has had numerous exhibitions of her work and her art has been licensed for products like calendars, jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards, and apparel.
  • Stokes has worked as a freelance artist for clients in publishing, entertainment, merchandising, and beyond. She continues to create new original works of art in her distinctive gothic fantasy style.

So in summary, Anne Stokes is a contemporary British fantasy artist known for her dark romantic and gothic imagery of mythological creatures and other fantasy subjects. She has established herself as a major name in fantastical illustration.

What is Anne Stokes art style?

Anne Stokes is known for her distinctive gothic fantasy art style, which has the following key characteristics:

  • Dark, moody tone - Her artworks often feature muted colours, shadows, and a brooding vibe. This creates an ominous, mysterious mood.
  • Fantasy elements - Dragons, fairies, vampires, and other mythical creatures are common subjects in her paintings and drawings. She brings imagination and otherworldly elements to her art.
  • Romanticism - Her style has roots in the Romanticism movement with an emphasis on emotion, passion, and the supernatural. There is a dreamy, poetic quality to many of her pieces.
  • Pre-Raphaelite influences - Like the pre-Raphaelite painters, Stokes pays careful attention to detail, realism, and intricate treatments of hair, fabric, and other visual elements in her subjects.
  • Gothic aesthetic - Pale skin, dark hair, black clothing, cemeteries, full moons, and other gothic tropes are found throughout her portfolio. She helped pioneer gothic fantasy art.
  • Strong female figures - Powerful, beautiful, and mysterious women are another common theme in her artwork. She aims to portray femininity, strength, and mysticism.
  • Ornate details - Stokes paints flowing fabrics, elegant jewellery, dragons with intricate scale patterns, and other baroque flourishes in her compositions.

Overall, Anne Stokes is recognised for blending fantasy, romance, darkness, and femineity into atmospheric, ornately detailed scenes that evoke brooding gothic fantasies come to life. Her distinctive style has made her one of the most acclaimed contemporary fantasy artists.