How Long Do Biscuits Last When Dunked in Tea? A Conclusive Experiment

How Long Do Biscuits Last When Dunked in Tea? A Conclusive Experiment

As a lover of tea and biscuits, I decided to conduct an experiment to determine how long different types of biscuits can withstand being dunked in a hot cup of tea before becoming too soggy or falling apart, I will call this the "safe dunk duration". This information could be useful for biscuit lovers to know which varieties hold up best when dunking. It was also the inspiration for our biscuit mug.

For my experiment, I procured one package of each of the following 10 biscuit varieties: Hobnob, Digestive, Nice biscuit, Bourbon, Jammie Dodger, Shortie, Custard Cream, Malted Milk, Ginger Nut, Rich Tea.

To test the safe dunking duration, I brewed a fresh hot cup of tea. I took one biscuit from each package and dunked it halfway into the tea, starting a timer when the biscuit first touched the tea. I gently moved the biscuit up and down twice while submerged to simulate the dunking motion. When the biscuit showed signs of falling apart or becoming overly saturated, I stopped the timer and recorded the duration. I repeated this test 3 times for each of the 10 varieties and averaged the results.

Here are the average dunk durations for each biscuit variety in my experiment:

Biscuit Avg. Safe Dunk Duration
Hobnob  5 seconds
Digestive 4 seconds
Nice  2 seconds
Bourbon 5 seconds
Jammie Dodger 7 seconds
Shortie  6 seconds
Custard Cream 4 seconds
Malted Milk 2 seconds
Ginger Nut  5 seconds
Rich Tea 3 seconds


The Jammie Dodger lasted the longest when dunked in hot tea, averaging 7 seconds before becoming too soft. This is likely because the jam filling helps add structural integrity to the biscuit, allowing it to maintain its shape longer when introduced to moisture.

The Shortie biscuit and Hobnob varieties came in second, each averaging 5-6 seconds before deteriorating. Both these biscuits have a decent amount of weight and density that may have contributed to their medium-level dunk times.

On the lower end, the Nice biscuit and Malted Milk biscuits fell apart very quickly, lasting only 2 seconds when dunked. Their crumbly, crunchy textures caused them to dissolve rapidly when moisture was introduced. The lightweight Rich Tea also shared this low tolerance, lasting just 3 seconds.

The Digestive, Bourbon, Custard Cream, and Ginger Nut biscuits performed moderately well, withstanding 4-5 seconds on average before becoming saturated. Their modest amounts of additional ingredients seem to lend these varieties a bit more structural integrity than the drier, plainer biscuits.

Based on these results, I can conclusively recommend the Jammie Dodger as the best variety for dunking in hot tea. The added jam appears to act as a sealant and binder to help the biscuit maintain its shape and absorb a moderate amount of liquid before softening excessively.

The Shortie and Hobnob are decent second-tier options, lasting nearly as long as the Jammie Dodger. However, I’d advise against choosing the lightest, crunchiest biscuits like Nice, Malted Milk and Rich Tea for dunking purposes. Their textures simply cannot withstand the hot liquid for more than a few very brief seconds.

While personal preference dictates biscuit choice, this experiment provides helpful data on which varieties have the highest likelihood of staying intact when dunked in tea or coffee.

As a biscuit and hot beverage enthusiast, I found it useful to have measurable results on how long different types of biscuits reasonably last during the dunking process.

In the future, I may expand this study to include additional varieties, liquids and temperatures. But for now, I have a solid conclusion that the Jammie Dodger stands superior for retaining its structure when dunked in hot tea!

If you need to remember this for future reference you can check out our biscuit dunk duration mug, the perfect biscuit lover gift!

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