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Embracing Bohemian Style - Tips for the Eclectic Home

Embracing Bohemian Style

Aspect Details
Definition Bohemian style is eclectic, free-spirited, and artistic, emphasising personal expression and the integration of natural, handmade, and diverse cultural elements.
Key Elements Macrame wall hangings, vibrant throws, spiritual artwork, unique accents.
How to Incorporate Mix textures, patterns, and add natural elements. Embrace handcrafted and meaningful items.
Product Highlights Over Abundance & Natural Abundance wall hangings, Navy Zigzag & Ruby Two Tone throws, Molton Glass Candle Holder, and Beetle Tealight Candle Holder.
Where to Explore Visit DuvetDay's Bohemian Home Decor collection for more inspiration.

Step right up to a place where imagination is king, and every little thing has its own saga to spill. Picture the Bohemian vibe—it’s like a jamboree of colour, a mishmash of designs, and a whole lot of feel-good textures that drag you by the hand into a world where you can truly be your own artist. Opting for this decor is like throwing a party for the unconventional; it’s about stitching together those one-of-a-kind finds with bits of the great outdoors to whip up spaces that aren’t just spots to crash but are, in fact, a mirror to the thirst for adventure that keeps your spirit dancing.

The Essence of Bohemian Decor

At its heart, Bohemian decor is an ode to the wanderer, the artist, and the collector. It's a visual poem composed of diverse, unexpected elements that together form a harmonious and inviting space. From the intricacy of a macrame wall hanging to the cosy embrace of a vibrantly patterned throw, each piece adds its voice to the chorus of Bohemian style. Find out more in our article about Boho style history.

Curated Bohemian Collection Highlights

  • Macrame Wall Hangings: The 'Over Abundance' and 'Natural Abundance' pieces are not just decor but a celebration of craft and texture, bringing a touch of the artisan's hand to your walls.
  • Artwork with Meaning: The spiritual 'Om - Flower of Life' and 'Chakra Connections' artworks serve as reminders of the interconnectedness of all things, adding depth and serenity to your space.
  • Boho Comfort Throws: The 'Navy Zigzag' and 'Ruby Two Tone' throws are perfect for snuggling up in a nook, their vibrant patterns and textures inviting relaxation and comfort.
  • Unique Accents: From the functional beauty of the 'Molton Glass Candle Holder' to the whimsical charm of the 'Beetle Tealight Candle Holder', these accents add a personal touch that's quintessentially Boho.

Incorporating Bohemian Elements into Your Space

Creating a Bohemian space is about more than just filling a room with things; it's about crafting an environment that reflects your inner self. Start by layering different textures, from the roughness of natural wood to the softness of a woven throw. Mix patterns with abandon, letting colours and shapes collide in a joyful celebration of diversity. And don't forget to incorporate natural elements, whether it's a lush potted plant or a simple vase of wildflowers, to bring life and energy into your home.

Embracing Bohemian style is an invitation to express your unique aesthetic and to fill your home with items that have stories to tell. Whether you're drawn to the intricate patterns of a macrame wall hanging or the cosy warmth of a boho throw, each choice is a reflection of your personal journey. Dive into the eclectic and free-spirited world of Bohemian decor with DuvetDay, where every piece is curated with love and care, ensuring that your home is as unique and special as you are.

Title Price (£) Image
Macrame Wall Hanging - Over Abundance 54.00 Image
Macrame Wall Hanging - Natural Abundance 25.00 Image
Om - Flower of Life 110x98cm Wall Hanging Artwork 24.70 Image
Macrame Wall Hanging - Force of Nature 19.90 Image
Boho Comfort Throws - 125x150cm - Navy Zigzag 14.40 Image
Macrame Wall Hanging - The Wedding Blessing 19.90 Image
Chakra Connections 106x90cm Wall Hanging Artwork 24.70 Image
Boho Comfort Throws - 125x150cm - Ruby Two Tone 17.20 Image
Handmade Bali Jewellery Silver & Gold Earring - Hamsa 32.95 Image
Molton Glass Candle Single Holder on Wood 11.95 Image
Macrame Wall Hanging - Two Waves 25.50 Image
Beetle Tealight Candle Holder 8.95 Image

The Art of Mixing and Matching

At the core of Bohemian decor is the art of mixing and matching. This style thrives on the combination of seemingly disparate elements to create a cohesive look that is both inviting and visually stimulating. Embrace the mix of old and new, pairing vintage finds with contemporary crafts for a space that feels curated over time. Incorporate textiles from around the world, like Persian rugs or African mud cloth, to add layers of texture and history. The key is in the balance, allowing each piece to stand out while contributing to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Consider adding elements that reflect your personal journey or interests. For instance, a collection of handmade jewellery can be displayed as unique art pieces, or musical instruments can serve as both decor and inspiration. The Bohemian style is deeply personal, making it the perfect canvas for expressing who you are and what you love.


The Bohemian style is more than just a decor trend; it's a celebration of life, creativity, and the beauty of diversity. It invites us to look at our homes not as mere shelters but as spaces where our spirits can roam free, surrounded by the colours, textures, and objects that bring us joy. By embracing Bohemian decor, you're not just decorating your home; you're crafting a sanctuary that reflects the richness of your inner world.

Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of Bohemian decor or looking to deepen your existing boho aesthetic, DuvetDay is your trusted companion. With a carefully curated collection of Bohemian home decor, from mesmerising wall hangings to cosy, vibrant throws, we're here to help you create a space that's uniquely yours. Explore our collection and find the pieces that speak to your soul, because everyone deserves a home that's as beautifully unique as they are.

Ready to infuse your home with the eclectic charm of Bohemian style? Dive into our Bohemian Home Decor collection today and start your journey towards a more colourful, expressive, and joyful living space. Let your home tell your story, with every item a testament to your unique spirit and style. Shop now and let the transformation begin!

What defines Bohemian style in home decor?

Bohemian style in home decor is defined by an eclectic and free-spirited aesthetic that combines a mix of patterns, colours, textures, and cultural elements. It emphasises creativity, artistry, and the use of handcrafted and natural materials.

How can I incorporate Bohemian style into my home?

Incorporate Bohemian style by mixing patterns and textures, adding vibrant and layered textiles like throws and rugs, displaying handcrafted and unique artifacts, and incorporating plants and natural elements for a relaxed and artistic atmosphere.

Can Bohemian style be minimalist?

Yes, Bohemian style can be minimalist by focusing on simplicity and intentionality in decor choices. It involves using a restrained colour palette, selecting meaningful decor with ethnic and natural influences, and emphasising open, airy spaces with fewer, well-chosen pieces.

What are the key elements of Bohemian style?

Key elements of Bohemian style include vibrant and layered textiles, eclectic mix of patterns, use of global and handmade decor, incorporation of plants and natural materials, and a preference for relaxed seating and lighting to create a warm, inviting space.

Is Bohemian style expensive to achieve?

Achieving Bohemian style doesn't have to be expensive. It encourages the use of second-hand and vintage finds, DIY projects, and displaying personal collections and artifacts, making it accessible to create a personalised, eclectic look on a budget.

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